Elections in Germany

Today I locked my bike at the train station Ampfing and on my way to the train I saw some election posters. One of the CSU party was clearly visible and two Photo of two election posters next to nextother posters were put face to face and dropped on the ground. Just a small piece of the poster was visible, but big enough to identify it as an election poster of the greens.
My first thoughts were, the CSU wanted to eliminate the competition by hiding their posters.
As I returned from my work in the evening, the posters were still in the face-to-face position and I was curious, if I was right. I turned one of the posters and it appeared to be another CSU poster with The local deputy with chancellor Merkel.

The 2nd poster belonged to the greens. So I finally could not decide, what happened here and placed all posters clearly visible.