Publishing from WP to FB

is not that easy…

Facebook changed the rules for automated publishing. Now publishing to the timeline is not possible anymore. Instead WP can publish to a page by means of Jetpack. But during configuration of the connection Jetpack shows an error message:

“This connection may not be working correctly”

I re-configured the Publicize connections in Jetpack multiple times. The error message re-appeared  after some time again. Then I removed the connection and set it up again. Still the same behavior. But after some minutes of further try and error the error message did not show up.

As a test in published this post and facebook showed it on by extra page. It is still not perfect, because the title of the post is omitted.


Changes in Munich

In the Werksviertel (Factory Quarter) near the Eaststation of Munich a lot of small or medium factories existed. Some remainders are still visible like the Pfanni tower with the orange globe on the top or Rhode & Schwarz, an high tech company in communication techniques.

This quarter is changing from an Industrial Zone to a Cultural Quarter since about 20 years. It started with reusing the industrial buildings for discotheques, small theatres, bars etc. But occasionally a building was not suitable for such usage anymore and it had been replaced by a modern buildings with very individual architecture. Currently major changes are happening. Ugly and rather flat buildings and underground garages are de-constructed as shown on the photo. We will see what will grow there afterwards, but currently it is a big technical theatre with bulldozers, draglines and lorries. They play destruction. The actors move around on the stage, interact and disappear sometimes behind the scenery. And this scenery is changing and changing all the time. It never returns to the state before. This play will continue for this season until all the scenery has been removed and the stage is 4 meters under street level. For the play in the next season all most actors will be replaced. Some of them will not move from there spots but with their long arms reach for over the stage and again the scenery will change continuously until the feet and legs of the long arms actors have been covered completely.

No tickets are sold for this play, but visitors are welcome anytime. No seats are available, so please bring ,our own seat or just take place in the standing room.

The theatre is situated at the Grafinger Straße, corner Haager Straße.