Crossing Albania and arrival in Greece

On Monday we crossed Albania. The northern part was not that nice regarding the landscape we passed, but that surely was caused by the chosen route. South of Vlorë the environment was interesting and after passing the Llogara pass, were honey was sold, we saw the nice coastline in the direction of Sarandë and coming further to the south also Corfu was clearly visible.

Just before sunset we passed the Greece border and installed ourselves for the night at the seaside.

View to Korfu just after sunset

Croatia and Montenegro

On Sunday we traveled through Croatia, a small part of Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia again and then entered Montenegro.

We had splendid views over the coast.

Most of the tourists we saw on the road seemed to be on their way home. That was an advantage for us: no waiting time at the borders.

On the road to Zakynthos

Yesterday in the afternoon we started our road trip to Zakynthos. Today we arrived at the Adriatic coast road that had nice views over the Adriatic Sea and the islands.

We will see the sunset over the island Rab from here.

Night stop near Starigrad