Tour 2015 – day 1: Mulhouse – Mandeure / Doubs

78 km (late start after 14:00h)
Now I start a 2nd attempt to make a bicycle tour to Santiago de Compostela. My wife Monika dropped me near the Rhine – Rhône canal where I saddled my mountain bike and trailer. I use this one wheel trailer to reduce the weight on the bike itself.
I follow at the start the European cycle path no 6. This part is in the bridleway oh the canal. In Mulhouse a deviation was signed out, but it was not shown that it is for path no 6. I found out some 400 m later: A bridge was closed by fences. Though it was possible to pass the first fence and use the bridge, it wasn’t possible to pass the fence at the other end in a reasonable time. I returned and used the deviation. The cycle path was pretty flat, just a short ascending at every lock.
Normally I would be faster, but a strong and hot wind slowed me down. It was Sunday and a lot of other cyclists were on the path. Long distance cyclists were also among them.
At the end of the day I started looking for a campsite. The nearest was about 7 km off the no 6 at the border of the river Doubs.
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