Day 35 – to Capvern

90 km
In the morning I thought to hear some raindrops in the tent. It was some condensed water that felt from the leaves of a tree.
I packed my things as others also did. One of the guests on the camping municipal was a woman labeled Isabelle (on one of her bags). She travelled on roller skates and had a one wheeler to carry her luggage. She said, she had problems to come forward on some streets, due to loose pebbles. She was heading for a competition for runners and skaters this weekend. I whished her good luck   as she left the camping.
My route started with a light climb and then I cycled on about the same height for 20 km’s until Nay, where I crossed the river la Gave du Pau and then followed the river to Lourdes. And really in Lourdes there were some raindrops as predicted by the weather forecast. I now cycled on a route I did last year already. In Lourdes I bought the food for the weekend and had lunch.
The next part to Bagnères de Bigorre was steeper then I had in my memory. In order to cross the river le Luz the road descends about 200 m,  that I had to climb afterwards again.
Just before the bridge is an old monastery. During the climb to Mauvezin I saw rain showers in the high mountains. Short before Capvern I was in the middle of a thunderstorm  and flashes of lightning were nearby. I decided to stop at the nearest camping. I waited in the sanitary building until the wo worst of the thunderstorm was over and pitched my tent. This time I installed the outer part of the tent first and them the dry inner tent. After the rain came a clear sky and relatively high temperatures..
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