Day 36 – to Nailloux

147 km
In the morning it was foggy with sometime a light rain. Because the wind was coming from the northwest I expected rain in the Pyrenees valleys. Due to little differences in height and moving to lower heights & wind in the back I had a higher speed than the other days. Near Saint Gaudens I had to decide and I opted for the cycle route along the river la Garonne. It was signed out properly and I had good views to the river and the villages were nice.  I followed the route until Capens and then switched to the D622 to bypass Toulouse on my way to the Canal du Midi.
The weather improved during the day and coming further to the east. After leaving la Garonne I had to cross some hill chains with an height varying between 200 m and 270 m.
On the camping it seems that there was no rain today. And the approximaty to Toulouse with the Airbus works was clear: Int the camping a family from Hamburg, both parents working at Airbus wanted to see the town Toulouse before traveling home.
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