Day 39 – to Lapalud or La Palud ## 4000 km reached

142 km
(I have to write this a 2nd time, because I accidentally hit the arrow back on my Lumia – no way to revert this 😩

Yesterday I already cycled on the Via Rhona from the coast to Aigues Mortes. Today I picked this up again, but the total length is just 20 km. After that you have to find a way yourself. That means from Gallician on I used departmental roads until Beaucaire and Tarascon. From there I cycled my tour from last year reverse, but I have a shift of about 40 km. That means I use different campings for the overnight stay.
This camping I only found, because I have the coordinates in my Garmin  – I did not see any sign.
The total length of this tour is over 4000 km’s  now!

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