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Greece 2019

A voyage along the Adriatic coast to Zakynthos and further over the Peloponnese Peninsula. Returning via Delphi and Meteora

The Pilgrim in Samos

Santiago de Compostela

2015 August

4100 km Bicycle tour on or near the pilgrim pathes in France and Spain

Tour to Zakynthos via the Adriatic highway

In July 2013

Saint Nicholas church in Vasilkas on Zakynthos
Sligachan – The Old Bridge

Summer trip to Scotland

July 2012

The first night brought us to a camping near Hadrian’s Wall. It was rainy, very rainy there. Some people returning from Skye told us about the splendid weather on the insulae, so we decided to go there first.

Glowing Balloons near Altötting

October 2011

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On the Osterwiesen air strip


August 2011


Carl’s Bridge in Prague

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Mary and Joseph are told, they are not welcome

Ampfinger Adventszauber with street theater

December 2010


The Christmas story played in a Bavarian context.

Sweet ‘n’ Hard in the Stolzbräu

September 2010


In a small pub in Kraiburg/Inn
Inauguration of the cistern

Tanzania – People and Nature

February 2010

Voyage to Gairo

Meeting our friends in the partnership parish

Burghausen – Musiknacht

Oktober 2009


Music in many locations of Burghausen

The longest castle of Europe in Burghausen
La Dune du Pilat

France – to the south west

August 2009


Between Dordogne and the Pyrenees are nice valleys, huge dunes and Basque culture

Poland – Auschwitz Memorial and Museum

June 2009

Historic site

We may not forget what happened here

Auschwitz Birkenau
Stare Miasto

Poland – Cracow

June 2009


Center of Cracow and Wawel Castle

Poland – Kazimierz Dolny

June 2009

Historic town

Romantic small town near the Wisla river

Kazimierz Dolny – Rynek
Ogród Saski Park

Poland – Warsaw

June 2009


Center of Warsaw and Wilanow Palace


March 2009


Impressive Canyons and Roman ruins

The Ardeche Canyon
Grenoble, Rue Lesdiguieres

Demonstration and strike against Sarkozy in Grenoble

March 2009


In Grenoble people showed there disagreement with the French president.

Transalpine 2008

August 2008

Bicycle tour

Muscle powered adventure from Zangberg to Venice via the Großglockner pass and then return trip to Oberwölz in Austria.

Großklockner Hochalpenstraße
Wasserburg am Inn, Hotel Paulaner

Cycle trip to Wasserburg

April 2008

Cycle trip

Short trip along the Inn river between Ampfing and Wasserburg

Cinque Terre

March 2008


A nice tour through coastal villages that are connected by a railway line. It is possible to walk in daytrips and return by train to the overnight location.

Supercharge in the Haberkasten, Mühldorf


November 2007


Transalpine 2007

August 2007

Bicycle tour

From Zangberg to Grenoble over high Swiss and French mountain passes

Grande Rousse near Val d’Isere
Sweet’n’Hard cover band

Sweet’n’Hard in the Maxwirtshaus at Grafing, Halfing

October 27th, 2006


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