Day 3 – along the Moldau to Ceske Budovice

87 km moving between the river Moldau an the roads over the hills.
The first part until the dam that closes the lake there was a nice cycle path. Short after the start in Frymburk a bronze statue of a maiden was placed on a rock in the lake.
After the dam the river Moldau is wild and fast streaming through rocks. There was a cycle path, but rather dangerous, due to the bad condition. Several times I had to cross a railroad that started just below the dam.

Near Vyssi Brod the cycle route left the river and I had some nice views over the higher landscape.

In Rozmberk the cycle route crossed the river to climb the right bank. I decided for another route via the main road just near the river. There was only light traffic. In the river there was a lot of canoes and rafting boats.

Ceske Krumlov

At lunchtime I made a stop in Ceske Krumlov. It seems to be a well known town in China, because most tourists originate from there. From the bank of the Moldau I could see a large queue of tourists waiting for admission to the castle.
The next part was uphill again and return to the Moldau near the cloister of Zlata Koruna. Then again escape from the Moldau, probably due to a lack of roads near the river. Just near Ceske Budivice (Budweiser Beer) the cycle path met the river again. I found a very small campsite on a sport site. After pitching the tent I made a short trip to the center. On the square a small orchestra was performing.

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